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A Time with No School!

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A time with No school! Sounds like a fairy tale right? But in a time not so long ago, there are towns with no officially organised schools. So many people are so fascinated by the civilization of our time that they are almost convinced within themselves that our planet (earth) had by origin been a highly intelligent planet. But a right thinking person does not need a much knowledge in evolution to understand the fact that we are living in a planet that was once dumb.

The truth is that there were times when there were little or no school and the very few school that existed then, were for the Royal Families and the Noble. Then this lead us to take a walk back at what happened in those days when schools were rare.

Plato’s Academy in Athens

Although I can’t really define the Plato’s academy as a formal school or as a school of thought, the Plato’s Academy was one of such institution that had made open the ancient world but then it can’t be formally classified as a school although The Platonic Academy has been cited by historians as the first higher learning institution in the Western world, while upholding the fact about Plato’s academy as an institution, I don’t think it can qualify as a school in our modern concept. But then, that poses the question, what is a school ?.

A time when Philosophers are the only teachers.

I will never doubt the fact that ancient philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, Tales of Miletus, Socrates, Pythagoras etc, were people of extraordinary intelligence or should I say wisdom but these great philosophers did not have the opportunity to have the vast number of school and study materials as we have today but then they are among the best history ever shown to us in their respective fields. All these great fit achieved by these men in their different field were done without a really organised educational system or school.


We may not be able to match up the originality of the past just as they will not be able to scale up the complexity of our present time, so it may not be wise to compare either the past or the present without a considerable amount of consideration but then while we celebrate the complexity and sophistications of our present time, let’s remember that the men and women who laid the foundation of our Universities wrote on stone.