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Education The Reproduction Of Our Instinct

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The fear of Extinction is a general fear, I can’t really tell if there is any organism that wish for the extinction of its type. This lead me to believe that the instinct’s way of preserving itself is by education.

The truth is that education itself is a product of the use of instinct, the use of instinct, cannot be traced to history or evolution or any of the research or study method used by mankind.

Any attempt by man to really understand more about instinct will need a consultation of other creatures where instinct abound because instinct is not a special attribute of humanity but instinct had found in humanity what it may not have found in many other creatures where it exists which is the desire to preserve and reproduce through education. So the use of instinct is far beyond history’s reckon because history is man made and so can only unravel the things man-made.

Education as a technique that our instinct use for survival.

If at the time of little learning we were able to survive with the use of instinct then could it be a part or special part of our human instinct that lead us to acquire more knowledge through education.


Sometimes, we need to evoke our instinct to solve educational and other life problem but the reality is that at the grassroot, we as human solve our problem with instict, learning only makes us to attend to our instinct in style.